Aceoffix 5 Speed External gear Trifold

Aceoffix 5 Speed External gear Trifold


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Aceoffix Ace P1 The Latest from Aceoffix SG

5 Speed P Drive Solid Alumnium
Drive Train 11T 13T 15T 17T 21T GEARINGS
50T Crank
New Brake Levers *ACEOFFIX P1*
5 Speed External Drive 11-13-15-17-21T gearings uprgrade to 6 speed for $100 more.

Aceoffix Frame 4130 Chrom-Moly Steel
Aceoffix Front Fork
Aceoffix Stem Aceoffix Rear Fork (Triangle)
Aceoffix Shifters Aluminium High Performance
Aceoffix Pusher CNC Aluminium High Performance
Aceoffix 50T Aluminium Chain Ring
Aceoffix Aluminium High Power Crank
Aceoffix 550mm Seat Pole
Aceoffix EZ Aluminium CNC 58mm Wheels
Aceoffix Quick Release Alumiumn Pedel
Aceoffix Seat Pole Brake Catch
Aceoffix H Clamps (Frame)
Aceoffix H Clamps (Stem)
Aceoffix Seat Pole Clamp
Aceoffix Brake Levers (NEW)
Aceoffix Stem Catcher
Aceoffix Front E Hook
Aceoffix Headset Bearings
Aceoffix M Handlebar Ultralight
Aceoffix Spongle Lightweight Grips (NEW)
Aceoffix Block Carrier
Aceoffix C Brakes
Aceoffix Large Rear Rack
Aceoffix Wheelset (Ultra Smooth)
Aceoffix Tanned Sidewall Slick Tyres /
Aceoffix Dasher Race Tyres


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