Goodyear Eagle F1 road tyre
Goodyear Eagle F1 road tyre
Goodyear Eagle F1 road tyre

Goodyear Eagle F1 road tyre

Goodyear_F1_supersport_28c Tan

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The Eagle F1 SuperSport is our fastest Road Ultra High-Performance tire. Optimizing low rolling resistance with reduced weight, the Eagle F1 SuperSport is the go-to race day tire for Road, Time-Trial, and Triathlon competition.

Who rides this tire.

For the rider who demands low weight and reduced Crr above all else, starting at just 180g.

Where does this tire perform best.

Designed for speed, the Eagle F1 SuperSport is your go-to when up against the clock on race day.

Whether against the clock, facing down the competition, or achieving your personal goals, on race day only one thing matters: doing the absolute best you can do. We set out to create a tire that maximizes your performance with no compromise. Minimal rolling resistance; paired with ultra-low rotating mass results in the no compromise race weapon.

Light Weight ultra high performance

The Eagle F1 SuperSport features a thinner tread cap and smooth tread to lower weight and further reduce rolling resistance.

Optimized for competition.

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