Liqui Moly Tyre Fix 75ml

Liqui Moly Tyre Fix 75ml


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For the repair of bicycle tires (with or without inner tube) from 12 – 29 inches. Can be used for all common bicycle valves (Schrader, Presta valve and Dunlop valves). Also suitable for e-bikes.

Special combination of active agents for first aid in the event of punctured tires. Repairs flat tires without the need for removal. Not suitable for use on tubes that ripped or cut at the side, or if the tire has slipped off the rim.


Where possible, remove any causes of the puncture first (e.g. nails, screws). Then bring the wheel with the valve into the 12 o’clock position and deflate fully. Shake the can well, screw the screw connector onto the tire valve, hold the can vertical and use the entire can. Then remove the can and wipe off excess material. Finally, adjust the tire air pressure and take off immediately so that the foam can be distributed evenly. Depending on the size of the puncture, it may be necessary to pump more air after a few minutes. In most cases, a solid plug sealing the hole will have formed after 10 minutes.

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